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The publisher commits to deal with personal datas collected by in order to be in compliance with the (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation and Freedom and Data protection Act.

The publisher and Valentin Simonelli collects information about you when you provide it to us:
- Filling out our online forms (surname, name, post mail, email, telephone number , gender and signature).
- ID datas when you use or enquire about our products and our services (technical logs, register and use one of our apps, security info, IP address).
- Datas linked to interaction with us on websites, on our apps, pages, networks, during our phone or video conversation, or emails.
Le recueil des données personnelles est réalisé selon le principe de minimisation des données, les réduisant au strict nécessaire.

Collecting the personal info is always operated according to the strict minimum. Valentin Simonelli is the main recipient. Those data can be sent to subcontractors or partners AFCI deals with:
- Router emailing (gmail, Mail Ovh)
- Web host (Ovh)
- Info manager (publisher).
We never collect private life data. Valentin Simonelli or the publisher never reveals any data. None of these data is dealt with an automatic data process.

In accordance with the Freedom and Data protection Act, the user can ask to access, modify, or erase collected data, by registered letter with acknowledge of receipt to the following address :

35 rue des Cordeliers, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

To enable you to erase or modify your personal data, you must fill in your full contact details and join a copy of your passport (identity card).


A cookie? We are not talking about a biscuit! A cookie is a small text file which can be set in your device unit when you use and interact with our websites and other services. A cookie allows the sender to identify your device, during the cookie validity time. Some are vital for the running of our website, others allow to improve and personalize the displayed contents.

All web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, safari, Firefox…) allow you to limit cookies actions or to opt-out of the use of cookies in the parameters or the web browser options. Steps are different for each browser, find the related info into “help” menu on your browser. Thanks to your browser, you can check cookies in your device and cancel them. Cookies are kept up to 13 months maximum on your browser.

Internal website cookies:

PHPSESSID : Server ID to identify the stored data.

Third party cookies:

The site is based on third parties to improve interactivity:
- Like/Share button for Facebook.
- iTunes Audio Player (Apple).

If you are logged in to Facebook while browsing, this will generate the following cookies:

  • c_user : Permet à Facebook d'identifier l'utilisateur et de le relier à son compte Facebook.
  • c_user : Allows Facebook to identify the user and link him to his Facebook account.
  • datr : Distinguish the Internet users. Used for remarketing.
  • fr : Used by Facebook to provide a series of advertising products such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers.
  • pl : Distinguish the Internet users. Used for remarketing.
  • presence : Distinguish the Internet users. Used for remarketing.
  • sb : Identifies the browser for authentication purposes.
  • spin : Distinguish the Internet users. Used for remarketing.
  • wd : Distinguish the Internet users. Used for remarketing.
  • xs : Distinguish the Internet users. Used for remarketing.

The Apple audio player (iTunes) will generate the following cookies:

  • ccl : Maintains the configuration of user settings through the requests of the page.
  • geo : Identifies the user's geographic area to translate the audio player into the correct language.

In order to adapt the website to visitors requests, we measure our visitors score, the mostly seen page number and visitors activities on the website, visit frequency etc. AFCI uses Google Analytics tool. It can generate the following cookies:

  • NID : Stores an identifier that identifies the device of the recurring user. This identifier is used for targeted ads.
  • _ga : Used to distinguish users.
  • _gid : Used to distinguish users.
  • _gat : Used to throttle request rate.
  • __utma : Used to distinguish users and sessions.
  • __utmt : Used to throttle request rate.
  • __utmb : Used to determine new sessions/visits.
  • __utmc : Not used in ga.js. Set for interoperability with urchin.js. Historically, this cookie operated in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether the user was in a new session/visit.
  • __utmz : Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached your site.

You can block third parties very easily: when you arrive on the website, an info banner will allow you to give consent for all in order to ease your navigation and upgrade your browsing or to partly deactivate them thanks to the Cookies Menu Management.
This menu is available at the bottom of each page if you wish to modify your choices (anytime). Default option: You are informed and asked your consent before a cookie is set on your device.