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Sophrology product Morphee

Music for meditation and sophrology

Morphée is a disconnected device which, thanks to the benefits of meditation and sophrology, helps the user to relax and regain serene and restorative sleep. For this device, Valentin composed 8 background music of 20 minutes each, using comforting harmonies and melodies and inviting to travel. Cross Asia, India, the Orient or the Andes Cordillera. Get away, sleep and dream!


Angels Vs Zombies Original Soundtrack Cover ©2018

Superb album all the music emit an extraordinary emotion, bravo to the composer (...)
Jacques57 (Amazon) about the score of AVZ

Very nice music, a new composer of talent. Let’s discover!
Napoli (Amazon) about the score of AVZ

In september 2018, Valentin Simonelli was able to count on the production of Angels Vs Zombies (AVZ) to distribute the original soundtrack worldwide, giving rise to a very first release for the young composer.
Valentin wrote a dark and epic orchestral score for this action/fantasy and Guerrilla filmmaking movie, directed by Emmanuel Saez and distributed by Tricoast Worldwide (USA).
The music asserts itself throughout the film and becomes its guiding thread, accentuating the characters emotions and offering variable reading depths that lead the spectator towards its unexpected ending.

The original soundtrack is available on all digital platforms (itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify...etc.).

20 tracks, 1 hour 12 minutes
Release : september 14th, 2018
© 2018 Valentin Simonelli

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I really loved this score that juggles between the grandiose and the intimate, the fantastic and the fairy. The notes are linked together like a joyous, or disturbing or heroic fantasy (…) Bravo !
CyranodeB (iTunes) about the score of AVZ

With more than 40 soundtracks to his credit, Valentin is a composer with growing success. His mastery of orchestration, his knowledge and his style are essential assets. He is also a chameleon, able to adapt to the images, in order to transcribe at best all the emotions of the screen.
Notable analyst, he is able to take advantage of the different reading tracks of a scenario, allowing him to give the music an extra dimension, not systematically superimposed on the image.

Independently, Valentin composes music of concert, and also for exhibitions or spectacles. This was the case recently for the Musée Grévin (Paris), which organized the shows La Folie s'Empare de Grévin. The score is here to reinforced the visitor's imagination, creating a whole universe around each actor.